Future Dances…..

Date Caller Band Comment
14th October 2017 Norman Bearon Kendal Green
11th November 2017 Bernie Culkin Denise & Norman
9th December 2017 To be Confirmed To be Confirmed
20th January 2018 Hilary Herbert To be Confirmed

Past Dances…..

Date Caller Band Comment
21st January 2017 Andrew Shaw Keeping Thyme Afternoon Workshop 2:30pm - 5:15pm
10th December 2016 Hilary Herbert Stradivarious
12th November 2016 Andrew Swaine Folkus Pocus
8th October 2016 June Jones Denise & Norman
24th June 2016 June Jones Denise & Norman Summer Special with Strawberries
16th January 2016 Hilary Herbert Deo Volente Afternoon workshop 2:30pm-5:15pm
12th December 2015 Lorna Kennedy Denise & Norman
14th November 2015 Ian Jones Kendal Green
10th October 2015 Andrew Shaw Saraband
26th June 2015 June Jones Denise & Norman
17th January 2015 Andrew Shaw Stradivarious Workshop & dance
13th December 2014 Judith Veevers Chris & Julie Dewhurst
8th November 2014 Hilary Herbert Knotted Chord
11th October 2014 Norman Bearon Folkus Pocus
27th June 2014 June Jones Denise & Norman Strawberry special
18th January 2014 Colin Hume Deo Volente Workshop & Dance
14th December 2013 Andrew Shaw Saraband
9th November 2013 Hilary Herbert Knotted Chord
12th October 2013 Rhodri Davies Albireo
28th June 2013 June Jones Denise & Norman
16th March 2013 Norman Bearon Deo Volente
17th January 2013 Andrew Swaine Folkus Pocus Workshop & Dance
8th December 2012 Andrew Shaw Saraband
10th November 2012 Frances Richardson Box Set
13th October 2012 Ian Jones Knotted Chord
29th June 2012 June Jones Denise & Norman
17th March 2012 Roy Smith Box Set
21st January 2012 Colin Hume Folkus Pocus Workshop & Dance
10th December 2011 Hilary Herbert Julia & Shane
12th November 2011 Victoria Yeomans Saraband
8th October 2011 Rhodri Davies Knotted Chord
24th June 2011 Norman Bearon Kendal Green
19th March 2011 Reg Battle Saraband
22nd January 2011 Andrew Shaw Deo Volente Workshop & Dance
11th December 2010 Judith Veevers White Knuckle Ride
13th November 2010 Lynne Render Folkus Pocus
9th October 2010 Norman Bearon West Kirby Band
20th March 2010 Roy Smith Box Set
23rd January 2010 Hilary Herbert Deo Volente Workshop & Dance, 60th anniversary
12th December 2009 Sue Lawson West Kirby Band
14th November 2009 Andrew Shaw Denise & Norman
11th October 2009 Reg Battle Knotted Chord
21st March 2009 Norman Bearon Folkus Pocus
17th January 2009 Andrew Swaine Knotted Chord Workshop & Dance
13th December 2008 Roy Smith Hoghton Band
8th November 2008 Hilary Herbert David & Caroline
11th October 2008 Pat Wilkinson 3D
15th March 2008 Roy McCullough West Kirby Band
12th January 2008 Andrew Shaw Folkus Pocus
8th December 2007 Judith Veevers Hoghton Band
10th November 2007 Pat Wilkinson 3D
13th October 2007 Ian Jones Knotted Chord
17th March 2007 Jan Dale Saraband
13th January 2007 Hilary Herbert Deo Volente
9th December 2006 Roy Smith Hoghton Band
11th November 2006 Pat Wilkinson David & Caroline
14th October 2006 Penny Lunn Amarylis